Water Waves Hair Trend- A New Celebrity Favorite

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Recent years have witnessed several new hair trends, most of which have been inspired by looks flaunted by our favorite celebrities on the red carpet. One hairstyle that has survived through the years is ‘natural- my hair but better.’ Hair stylists keep coming up with different ways to heat style hair to create the most natural looks that don’t look made-up but are still beautiful. The latest addition to this natural hair craze is water waves- a relaxed hairstyle that reminds you of how the hair looks after a long day in the water.

Mermaid waves are a similar variation, but they are inspired by thicker, waist-length, loosely crimped kinks. Another comparable hairstyle is beach waves that resemble a wind-swept mane. To create the water waves look, the crown of the hair is left flat for a ‘lived-in’ vibe, and the hair is parted down the center. If you want to try this new celebrity favorite without the side effects of heat-styling, Luvme Hair has fabulous water wave hair wigs to help you achieve the same look! 

Celebrities Spotted Flaunting Water Waves

If there’s one hairstyle we have seen making an appearance in every event, whether it is the Met Gala or the Cannes Film Festival, it is relaxed water waves. Characterized by loosely crimped, rippling waves, HoYeon Jung, Blake Lively, Julia Roberts, Phoebe Dynevor, Olivia Rodrigo, and Sophie Turner have all been spotted flaunting gorgeous water waves at recent events.

  • Sophie Turned paraded in dark copper hair that was just shy of a tight crimp on the Met Gala red carpet. The water waves lightly touched her face before cascading down in undulating lengths.
  • Hoyeon Jung, an actor from the popular Netflix series ‘Squid Games’ decided to fuse two of the most trending summer hairstyles: half-up, half-down hair with dark water waves for her Met Gala appearance.
  • Bridgerton actor Phoebe Dynevor opted for a copper-brown hue for her hairstyle, with center-parted water waves tumbling long down her back.
  • Olivia Rodrigo looked like a dream on the Met Gala red carpet in an ethereal purple dress showcasing loose water waves.
  • Our favorite, Blake Lively, chose a relaxed approach to the tighter water wave by keeping the top of her hair straight but ending in loose waves toward the bottom.

How To Achieve Water Waves At Home

Even more natural than its previous counterparts, water waves give you the perfect ‘my hair but better look. Although the hairstyle is famous as an uncomplicated look, achieving it requires some effort. The best part about water waves is that you can create them with or without heat tools- the choice is yours. Here is a brief guide you can follow to get water waves at home.

Get Water Waves With Heat Tools

If you want to go down the heating road, you need to grab your straightener, a paddle brush, and a clip. Start by sectioning the top part of your hair to get it out of the way. Next, take a small section of your hair and rotate the straightener up towards the crown of your head. Take the next hair section and turn it the other way- away from the crown of your head. Remember to take small sections to create more ‘natural-looking waves.

Continue rotating each section of your hair until you have gone through all your hair. You can finish it off by gently brushing out the waves with a paddle brush.

Get Water Waves Without Heat Tools

Many people want to steer clear of heat styling because of the damage it causes to your hair in the long run. If you are part of that group or simply pressed for time to follow the steps above with a straightener, there’s another heat-free way to get beautiful water waves.

How to Hairstyle Your Layered Curly Hair - Human Hair Exim

All you need to do is braid your damp hair into small loose plaits before going to bed. You can take them out in the morning or run your straightener through each braid before untangling them. Voilà! You are all set to flaunt the hottest hair trend- water waves.

Water Wave Wigs by Luvme Hair- A Simple Yet Perfect Solution

Although you can create water waves at home, you may feel less motivated to follow the steps outlined above if you had to go through the charade every day. Just because you don’t have the time or inclination to work on this hair trend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy it!

Luvme Hair is a pioneer in the wigs market, having served happy customers for many years. Their collection of water wave hair wigs helps you achieve the celebrity look without needing a professional hairstylist or spending endless hours trying to create it at home. Made with the finest human hair, Luvme Hair wigs look and feel natural and beautiful.

The water wave hair wig collection at Luvme Hair features layered hairstyles similar to deep wave wig, with each strand rolled in the opposite direction. The water wave hair wig is highly popular and well-received by customers who like experimenting with their looks but follow a minimal approach. 

An amazon buyer reviewed their water wave wig, saying,

“I purchased this wig from Luvme Hair. I was able to lighten it and color it without a problem. It was easy to install, undetectable, seamless, soft, and without any shedding. I will continue to order more. It is my first time wearing a wig made this way. I definitely had a great experience with Luvme Hair.”

If you are a beginner who is unsure where to begin your hair wig journey, Luvme Hair’s throw-on-and-go collection is the perfect place to start. Although their water wave wigs are easy to install, the throw-on-and-go wigs are as easy as it gets. Without requiring glue or a professional hairstylist, these wigs can be installed in under 10 seconds with minimum hassle.

Final Word

Keeping up with hair trends can take a toll on your natural hair. Opt for Luvme Hair wigs instead to stay ahead in the fashion game and always put your best foot forward.