How to Rock Coil Hair Ties Like a Superstar

Posted on April 8, 2021Comments Off on How to Rock Coil Hair Ties Like a Superstar

Coil hair ties have changed the way we look at hair ties forever. The days of hurting yourself on the metal tab on regular hair ties or snapping hair ties in half because you have to pull them so tight are behind you.

Today, there are creaseless hair ties that look like a coil, kind of like the old telephone cord we used to wrap around our fingers while we talked on the phone. They are fun, cute, and hold your hair better than any other accessory to date.

So how do you rock these cute hair ties? Here are our favorite ways.

Wear the High Ponytail

High ponytails are always in style. Whether you’re working out, going out on the town, or running errands, getting your hair off your neck and into a high pony is a great style that will never be ‘out of style.’

When you have a creaseless hair tie holding up your ponytail not only will it stay put, but it will look so cute. The pop of color on the hair tie will peek out, giving you a splash of color in your outfit. You’ll never look at regular hair ties the same again!

Hold the Messy Bun

Blame quarantine, your lack of time for a haircut, or the latest trends, but messy buns are still a hot trend.

Why not make it cuter by holding it up with a creaseless hair tie? Not only will your messy bun stay in place (who likes a loose bun?) but the hair tie won’t get so caught up in your hair that you can’t get it out without cutting it.

Trust us, there is no better way to hold up a messy bun than with coil hair ties. If you have only a small messy bun, you’ll still see the pop of color coming from your hair. If not, knowing that it’s holding your bun in place whether you’re running, cycling, shopping, or running errands is priceless.

Wear them on Your Wrist

They weren’t created as bracelets, but coil hair ties are a great arm accessory too! We love it because we don’t have to cut off the circulation in our arms anymore with tight hair ties on our wrists.

Creaseless hair ties easily slip on your wrist so you always have a hair tie available. You can even make a little arm party out of them and wear a few creaseless hair ties at once on your wrist – creating your own ‘arm party.’

Double up on your Hair Ties

Remember the double up your sock trend? The more pairs of socks you wore, the cooler you were, right?

Today, it’s all about doubling up on the hair ties. Grab a few creaseless hair ties in some fun colors and make a party out of it in your hair. You’ll have gorgeous colors running down your ponytail – this trend is great for low ponytails, and know that your hair is held in place well.

Check Out the Trends

If you have any social media, you’ll see the different ways celebrities and famous people rock the creaseless hair ties. Chances are you never noticed before because it wasn’t on your mind. Now that we brought it to your attention, watch how often you’ll see the hair ties on the celebrities around the world.

Have Fun with your Hair Ties

It’s time to be your own superstar. Try out the creaseless hair ties and see how they change your look. Whether you double/triple up on them in your ponytail, wear them to rock the messy bun, or make the arm party that’s so trendy right now, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Creaseless hair ties have forever changed the way we do our hair – we never want to feel our hair snag or deal with a ponytail headache ever again and thanks to creaseless hair ties, we won’t need to.