How To Wear The Aesthetic Clothing Trend In Style?

Posted on January 20, 2023Comments Off on How To Wear The Aesthetic Clothing Trend In Style?

Aesthetics have been revolutionizing the fashion industry since 1735. And now in 2023, TikTok and Instagram are further fueling the trend. Modern fashion is highly influenced by pop culture. On the other hand, young fashion enthusiasts are now showing a keen interest in dressing in a way in which they feel confident and comfortable. Amidst this growing trend, aesthetic tops are stealing all the limelight.

Whether you flaunt a Soft Girl style, Emo, Grunge, Baddie or Vintage, you will have hundreds of choices in aesthetic tops that represent your unique personality. Here are some style tips to wear the aesthetic clothing trend in a way that makes heads turn.

#1: Sporty and Preppy Makes the Perfect Combination

If you flaunt a style that’s cool and casual, then pick a sporty aesthetic top that is comfy yet chic. But pair it with something preppy to stand out in the crowd. When you balance your sporty look with something preppy, it exudes a sleek yet down-to-earth vibe.

Imagine pairing a gorgeous ribbed tank top with Bermuda shorts and a cardigan! Or perhaps an oversized white shirt with black biker shorts or khaki pleated pants. Coming to shoes, you can steal the show by balancing your sporty top with neutral-colored sandals, black ballet shoes, or your all-time favorite white tennis shoes.

#2: Matching Sets are Ruling the Trend in 2023

Let’s face it – matching sets are reining the fashion trend in 2023 even when contrast colors are gaining popularity. So, whenever you aren’t sure how to pair your aesthetic top, go for matching sets. Perhaps a co-ord set with a matching top and skirt, sweatshirt, or a two-piece suit. It is effortless to style. Simply add in your favorite pair of sneakers and a long-shoulder bag, and you are ready to make heads turn.

#3: Balance Your Aesthetic Style with a Blazer 

Whatever the style and design of your aesthetic top, a blazer is a perfect accessory to wear with and stand out. Depending on the top you are wearing or the style you flaunt, pick something oversized or structured. For instance, if you are wearing a chic crop top or a tube top, pair it with a long blazer. If you are wearing it for work, get something to your waist and balance it with a stylish long-sleeve shirt or halter-neck top.

#4: Minimalist yet Sexy 

Pick aesthetic tops that are simple and minimalist, but make you stand out with their sensuousness. Tube tops or halter neck tops, balanced with a simple blazer or overcoat, can help you cut through the crowd. Furthermore, go beyond neutral colors and experiment with uncomplicated patterns and pretty pastels.

Take it a level further with open-toed stilettoes and minimal gold jewelry. And if you dare to be bold, go braless when having fun with friends.

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#5: Wear the Color That Describes You

When upgrading your wardrobe with aesthetic tops, make sure you choose a color that describes your personality. If you are a Clean Girl, go for neutrals such as brown, black, tank, etc. If you exude a Grunge style, pick black, brown, grey, or beige. For classic e-Girl aesthetic, vibrant colors are the best way to go. Bubble pink, blue, green, purple, and platinum are dominating colors for an e-Girl.

#6: Find the Right Kind of Bottom to Wear Your Top With  

We understand! Your struggle to find the perfect bottom for your aesthetic top can be intimidating. You’d be surprised to know that the style varies based on your aesthetic. Depending on your style, occasion, and design of the top, pick anything from skinny fits to straight legs or even baggy-style pants that go beneath your ankle. Also, determine whether you want a high-waisted bottom wear or a mid-rise.

#7: Choose your Embellishments Right 

Now that you have the perfect piece of aesthetic top and bottom wear to pair it with, pick your embellishments wisely. For a Soft Girl look, keep your accessories minimal. On the other hand, heavy metal embellishments in bold, quirky designs can help flaunt a grunge look.

The Bottomline

With incredible varieties of women’s aesthetic tops to choose from, you can find one that represents your unique personality and taste. However, you can make a difference in your look only when you pair it wisely. Hopefully, this guide will help you wear your favorite aesthetic tops in style and make heads turn.