What to Consider When Purchasing Table Linens

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When planning an event such as a wedding, you need to ensure the theme is perfectly set up, and the table linens can achieve this. However, most people make mistakes when purchasing this linen, and they end up portraying a different statement than intended. In such cases, you might lose money trying to replace the linens with the right ones or waste time rushing to mend them due to the wrong sizes. Knowing the size of your table lines and desired colors can help bring out the day’s theme. When considering the table overlays, choose a suitable theme and purchase from an experienced seller. Depending on the occasion you are covering, the vendor can advise you on the material to consider and direct you on how to take your measurement. This article will explore what to consider when purchasing table linens.

What to Consider When Purchasing Table Linens

As stated, table overlays can create what you want to portray or break it depending on your choice. There are numerous options today, from kid-friendly disposable covers to linens used in five-star venues. Below are crucial things that you must consider.

Size and Shape

Before you purchase the table clothes, you need to measure the size of your event tables to decide the overlay to buy. The size of your tablecloths helps communicate the overall level of formality. Depending on the occasion, you must look for the correct size to bring your statement and complement the event. A simple formula to use when buying your overlays is calculating the drop and multiplying by 2, then you add the diameter of your tablecloth. This formula applies to both rectangular and round tables. When unsure how long the table drop should be, calculate the tablecloth size minus your table diameter to get the size of your tablecloth.

In addition, if you are unsure of the tablecloth drop, you should measure the tablecloth size minus the diameter of your table and divide the result by 2 to get the overlay drop. If you have a casual event, you can consider a 6-8 inches drop, while the drop can be significant for formal occasions, 9- 15 inches. You must ensure you fit the overlays to their respective tables for a perfect fit.


After getting the correct measurement, looking for a unique color complementing the event is also crucial. Most formal event designers will incorporate white and ivory colors, while dramatic backdrops are often used for casual occasions.

The Tone of the Event

Knowing the occasion’s theme and the mood you want to set is also crucial. Linens will be used set the mood for the event and, more precisely, for the meal to be served.


The material of your table overlays determines the occasion’s level of formality. You cannot use poor materials to cover a political meeting where you have VIPs. Always look for table linens that can withstand daily use for a formal meeting, while disposable ones for casual events.

In Summary

The above are the essential things to consider when purchasing table linens. Always ensure you have the correct measurements and colors for the occasion.