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With Melares, it is possible to dominate the house for sale in Turkey Istanbul market, from abroad as well. The advanced infrastructure of the company provides support to its users both when buying a house and for citizenship transactions. With the feature of finding a house for sale in Turkey Istanbul, at affordable prices, the customer does not just invest. At the same time, it evaluates its money by providing one-to-one information transfer at all stages of the investment.

The process of buying a house brings with it rights such as citizenship and residence permit. The company informs all customers collaborating with it in detail about the rights granted to foreigners, which are explicitly regulated in the law. In addition, thanks to the lawyers in the country, the customer who is abroad can easily purchase real estate in Turkey. The company stands by its investors in every problem and follows a solution-oriented policy.

Prices of Houses for Sale in Istanbul, Turkey

Property in Sisli Istanbul Luxury Towers 2 Bedrooms for sale

Market for house for sale in Turkey Istanbul, is quite active. The firm starts off by advising on a property that brings the client many home possibilities and can be pleased with. The company presents enlightening information on many subjects such as the appearance of the house, its sub-plans, location. It exhibits magnificent houses suitable for every budget in terms of price and provides all legal proceedings in Turkey on behalf of the person who will buy it.

Many people who want to buy a house abroad enjoy the privileged service with Melares. The company works meticulously for its customers, both during the real estate purchase process and during the transfer process, in quality and safe ways. By offering you the most suitable house opportunities according to your budget, it ensures that you do not get lost among the type of house for sale. shows many luxurious houses with Bosporus view, easily accessible and allows the client to find an apartment that fits their expectations and investment plan.