Zipper Slider Classifications You Should Know

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A zipper slider is primarily made up of two parts, the pull tab, and the slider itself. The classifications of zipper sliders are mostly based on the pull tab’s design itself, as listed below.

  • Automatic zipper slider – The zipper pull tab can be folded and automatically locks when folded.
  • Double pull zipper slider – The Pull tabs are found on the two sides of the zipper.
  • Jeans zipper slider – This is technically similar to semi-automatic sliders and comes in the bite design and a larger size for denim material.
  • Key lock zipper slider – A built-in lock and key system allow the slider to be locked.
  • Non-lock zipper slider – The pull tab doesn’t feature a locking functionality.
  • Pin lock zipper slider – It can be locked by placing the pin into the box attachment.
  • Plastic/coil/metal zipper slider – This is made for a plastic/coil/metal/zipper and can have a non-locking or locking pull tab.
  • Reversible zipper slider – The pull tab makes use of a railing system and can also be opened from the zipper’s both sides.
  • Semi-automatic zipper slider – This slider has a pull tab that locks when it is lowered and folded into place.

Zipper Classifications Based on Functionality

Now that you know the classifications found for every part of the zipper, it is time to learn the classifications of the zipper itself. Depending on the function of the zippers, these can be further divided into a few categories including the following:

  • Close-end zipper – This zipper’s teeth cannot be completely separated, characterized by one bottom stop that joins both sides of the zipper teeth. These are commonly found in jeans and trousers, boots, bags, and others.
  • Open-end or separating zipper – This zipper has teeth/elements that can be completely separated, commonly using the box-and-pin attachment as a replacement for the bottom stop. You can often see them used in sweaters, jackets, and other outerwear.
  • Two-way back-to-back zipper – The sliders of this zipper are on the teeth’s opposite end once the zipper has been closed. Its teeth open once the sliders have been pulled toward each other and are not completely separable. You can find these zippers mostly on overalls.
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  • Two-way head-to-head zipper – It is a type of slider that meets in the middle once the zipper is closed. This cannot be completely separated. This type of zipper will open if you pull the slider towards the two ends of the teeth. These zippers are mainly used in bags, luggage, and backpacks.
  • Two-way separating zipper – This zipper features teeth/elements that can be completely separated. With the use of two sliders, you can open it from the zipper’s bottom. You can mainly find these zippers in sports equipment, rainwear, and sleeping bags.

The Bottom Line

Zippers are often used on a daily basis. Not only on trousers and jackets, zippers these days are very commonly found on laptop cases, tool bags, handbags, luggage, tents, and many more kinds of equipment. There are so many types of zippers available that whatever the need is, it is very likely that there is already a zipper for it available on the market. There are special zippers made for babies, preventing skin irritation, invisible zippers made for high-end dresses, and more.

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