Have A Great Wig Experience with Closure Wigs, Water Wave Hair & Curly Wigs

Posted on June 21, 2022Comments Off on Have A Great Wig Experience with Closure Wigs, Water Wave Hair & Curly Wigs

How about having a great wig experience by having one of the closure wigs, water wave hair or curly wigs. In this article, I will mention different aspects of these wigs so that you can understand which of these wigs can be better for you.

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  1. Closure Wigs
  2. Water Wave Hair
  3. Curly Wigs

1. Closure Wigs

Closure wigs are simple wigs with hair bundles and lace closure. Let us have a look at different aspects of these wigs.


The lace area of closure wigs is usually 4×4, 5×5 or 6×6 inches in size. The bigger the lace is, the more styles you can have.


Closure wigs cover an area in a horseshoe shape. Unlike frontal wigs, they do not cover your entire head from one ear to another. It means that you will have limited styling options.

Natural Look

Closure wigs give the illusion that they are growing from your natural hair. So, they are unnoticeable or undetectable by people. As a result, they look natural, and you do not have to worry about that people will notice your wig.


You can part you closure wig both in the middle and on the sides. With this in mind,  you had better be careful not to show edges when parting.


You can have side ponytails, half ponytails or low ponytails with closure wigs.

The Price

You should buy a closure wig of high quality from $ 100 to $ 300.

The Advantages or Disadvantages of Closure Wigs over Frontal Wigs

Closure wigs are simple and easy-to-use wigs that are ideal for beginners. You do not have to pay a high price for it. Still, you can have a natural look and the beauty of a wig. However, they have a smaller lace area compared to frontal wigs. This limits the styling options and makes closure wigs less versatile.

2. Water Wave Hair

30 Inch Water Wave Lace Front Wig Curly Human Hair Wig Brazilian Deep Wave  Closure Wigs For Women Hd Frontal Wet And Wavy Remy - Lace Wigs - AliExpress

What is Water Wave Hair?

Water wave hair looks like deep wave hair, but their strands roll in the opposite way. These wigs flow like water as if they are water waves, which enables you to have a natural, sleek, elegant and classy hair look.

What is the Difference between Water Wave Hair and Deep Wave Hair?

Both water wave hair and deep wave hair have a curly texture and cannot be distinguished by a naked eye. As a difference, I can say water wave hair runs in different directions, which makes them sleeker and neater. Water wave hair is also more voluminous. If you want a bomb and chic look, water wave hair will be a good choice for you.

What are the Benefits of Water Wave Hair?

  • Flowing waves of water wave hairgive you a wonderful look. With these wigs, your hair shines, and you have a natural look. They also add a fresh look to your hair beauty. Plus, the volume and fullness of your hair will be liked by everybody.
  • As you will have the fullness and volume in your hair that you desire, you will need fewer hair bundles for a fuller and more voluminous hair look.
  • Water wave hairis also extremely versatile. You have most hairstyles that you desire with these wigs. You can have them dyed in any color you want or have them permed or bleached as you wish.
  • The special structure of water wave hairallows them to have a longer life span. Thanks to it, you can wear your water wave hair longer than ordinary wigs.

3. Curly Wigs

Women can never give up curly wigs at any time and anywhere for their cuteness. These wigs make you look younger, catch people’s eyes on you and give you a mysterious look.

Benefits of Curly Wigs 

  • Curly wigseasily attract people. When you wear your curly wig, people will notice you wherever you go.
  • Curl hairstyle is, in fact, one way of getting rid of formalities. Curly wigs satisfy the feeling of being free, loose and comfortable.
  • Curly wigsdo not shine. Instead, they have a cloudlike look. This look supplements their mysterious look. If your preference is dull tones, not bright ones, it will be another reason why you should choose curly wigs.

All in all, I think, it is high time to experience the hair beauty and benefits offered by closure wigs, deep wave hair and curly wigs.