The Top Wedding Invitation Tips You Need to Know

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Are you considering going paperless for your wedding invitations? Online wedding invites are an excellent way to cut costs, simplify the RSVP process, and set the mood for your D-day. Wedding invites sent through the internet (aka evites) are gradually becoming an alternative to conventional mailing methods. Sending your wedding invites online is quite appropriate in today’s digital era – in fact, your recipients may prefer it over the traditional invite.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re not sure where to start with digital wedding invites. Continue reading to learn how to build and send online wedding invites, including schedules, RSVPs, etiquette recommendations, and so on.

Tips Regarding The Design And Structure

When it comes to digital cards, sky’s the limit in terms of creativity or innovation. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where online tools such as invitation makers and Photoshop are available just a click away. Using an invitation maker and similar tools, you can create eye-popping animated invitation cards to mesmerise your guests. Take a look at these design tips for your wedding evites:

Animated Caricature Of The Couple

Wedding caricatures are becoming increasingly popular. Cartoon caricatures are bright and appealing. Since each face is unique, a good caricature is like a signature, tailored for the subject. Digital downloads ensure that no image is ever lost, and customers may save all of the caricatures created. As compared with other gifts, caricatures are practically unrivalled in their ability to produce a completely individualised or personalised effect on viewers.

Animated Wedding Card

There are several places where you may create e-invites for free using beautiful layouts. You may quickly produce films using a basic slideshow creator or templates, then download the e-invite and send it to your guests through the internet. This is also hassle-free and won’t take up much of your energy.

Fresh and modern wedding video invitation layouts are available on online invitation makers. With an intuitive interface and quickly accessible buttons for editing and modification, such tools become the easiest option for amateurs to generate video invitations. Select a design that complements your wedding theme. You may either use a clip from the stock collection or add your own material to make the video. The fonts and colours can be changed. Remember to include RSVPs to keep track of who will be attending the wedding. Make the e-invitation more engaging by including a video transition. Cropping and trimming videos facilitates editing.

Tips On The Timelines

You should mail your wedding invites at least four to eight weeks before the big day. If you’re planning a destination wedding, give yourself 12 weeks to plan. If you’re planning a small ceremony, waiting until the last minute may work, but take into consideration that your guests may not be able to attend if you don’t notify them in advance.

Tips On The Dress Code

You don’t want half of your guests to wear bermuda shorts while the other half wears tuxedos and gowns or sherwanis and shararas. Mention the dress code on the card to make sure everyone is on the same page. Black tie, cocktail wear, and casual are the most common selections.

Most people believe that wedding ceremonies demand cocktail attire because there isn’t a precise classification, but your location may also define the outfit. People who have been invited to a beach wedding are more likely to dress casually than those who have been asked to a cathedral wedding accompanied by a reception in a hotel ballroom.

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Managing Your Rsvp List

Include a reply card into the inner envelope of your wedding invitation suite that offers RSVP info for your guests. Your RSVP return card should contain a deadline for responses, usually 2 to 3 weeks before the wedding day. This will allow you to give the caterer ample time to prepare for an adequate number of guests.

Aside from a specified RSVP deadline, you’ll want to be explicit about how to respond to your guests. If you want your visitors to respond via mail, you should provide an addressed and stamped envelope. If you’re going with a digital RSVP system, be sure to offer contact details, email addresses or URLs where your visitors may leave their answers. While providing a phone number or email for your guests, remember to add the name of the contact person who is in charge of managing RSVP answers.

Tips On Gift Registry

While appropriate wedding invitation etiquette includes providing information on your guests’ dress code, you should avoid including any information about your wedding register.

You should provide wedding registration information separately from the wedding invitation, maybe in a different invitation space. Including the registry on your invite is deemed unfriendly since it may appear that you and your better half are more concerned about the presents than about the presence of your guests.

A hyperlink to a wedding website, on the other hand, is a terrific way to add your wedding register. Access to the registration list itself is significantly handier and easy to use on a wedding website. Furthermore, your guests will be able to obtain all the details they want about your wedding in one convenient location.


With these pointers in mind, you may send out attractive wedding e-invites. It’s all in the timing and nuances of the invitation when it comes to formal phrasing or invitation etiquette. You can be certain that your invitees will notice your time and effort and how their participation is being strongly valued through your formal invitation. Just follow the correct wedding invitation etiquette.