3 Reasons Why Some Gifts Are Better Given Before a Catholic Wedding

Posted on May 9, 2022Comments Off on 3 Reasons Why Some Gifts Are Better Given Before a Catholic Wedding

How many times have you ever arrived at an event such as a birthday party only to think to yourself you wish you had given the birthday girl her present early? The reason being that the earrings you bought her would have been lovely with the dress she was wearing. So it is with Catholic weddings; or any wedding for that matter. Even if you plan on attending the wedding and post-nuptial reception in the church hall, there may be reasons why you would want to give your gift before the actual event, but after the bridal shower.

1. Something of Importance to the Day

In the same way that you might have noticed those earrings would have been a nice accessory to the outfit the birthday girl was wearing, so too might you notice something missing as the soon-to-be bride walks down the aisle. It has long been a tradition that Catholics honor Mother Mary at their wedding and that is why the bride carries a rosary.

Your wedding gift was specifically chosen because you know the couple are devout Catholics. You chose a pair of wedding rosaries because of their devotion to Mary who first called attention to the sanctity of marriage at the Wedding Feast of Cana. Lest the bride make the entrance procession without the traditional rosary, perhaps you should send your gift along in the days leading up to the ceremony.

2. Something of Importance for the Honeymoon

Once the reception is over, the newlyweds are scheduled to leave for their honeymoon. Since there is no time to pack between the wedding and the flight to Hawaii, your gift really should arrive before they get everything packed and ready to go. Maybe you’ve chosen a cute “Him and Her” set of matching beach towels to mark the special occasion or maybe it was a gift certificate for a 5-star, full-service restaurant on the Big Island.

Heaven knows those things can easily be sent to the couple’s home with all the wedding gifts. No matter what the gift is, if it is meant to be used on their honeymoon, it’s best given days before the happy event so it can be packed and ready to go.

3. A Novena Said for the Engaged Couple

A novena is a Catholic tradition whereby a prayer, the same prayer, is offered up to the Lord daily for a period of nine days. This practice of praying a novena for special intentions is said to date back to Biblical times when Jesus instructed his disciples to pray for nine days.

You may also ask other friends and family members to join with you in the novena to be said in the days prior to the wedding. Have the novena printed on parchment and framed for them to keep and display in their home. While the framed novena makes a lovely gift, it is the novena prayer that you want them to see in the days leading up to their vows. Let them know they are being remembered in prayer asking the Lord to bless them in a long and fruitful marriage.

There are other reasons why you may want to give a gift prior to the actual day of the wedding, but these three are among the most important. For whatever reason, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sending your gift a few days in advance.