Vaser Liposuction

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If you are looking for a cosmetic surgery that will improve your appearance, you may be interested in hearing about Vaser liposuction. This procedure will not only improve your body’s appearance, but it will also increase your confidence. You can find out more about this procedure by reading this article.

Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Lymphatic drainage massages after vaserliposuction are a popular way to relieve swelling and pain. These massages use light manual strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system and allow lymph fluid to flow through the body more easily. Patients typically need a series of sessions to reap the maximum benefit.

The lymph system helps to transport nutrients and oxygen to cells, but it also collects waste and toxins and flushes them out through lymph nodes. But, unlike the heart, the lymphatic system is not a pump, and it can become clogged and sluggish over time. Lymphatic drainage massages can help restore the normal function of the system.

Lymphatic drainage massages after vaser tumescent liposuction can reduce the risk of infection, promote faster healing, and reduce swelling and bruising. Additionally, these massages reduce sensitivity and pain, and help patients achieve the results they desire. Manual lymphatic drainage is a safe and effective option for liposuction patients, and a plastic surgeon may recommend it after the procedure.

Results Of Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction is a more affordable procedure compared to other methods of liposuction. This type of treatment uses ultrasound technology to precisely target fat cells and provides minimal scarring. It is also less invasive and requires only minor incisions. The recovery time for this type of procedure is short and comfortable.


Before undergoing VASER liposuction, a patient should schedule an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon. This consultation will help the doctor evaluate a patient’s health and expectations. The surgeon will also examine the target area and create a custom treatment plan. Patients should choose a clinic and surgeon that they feel comfortable with. This way, patients will be able to ask any questions they may have about the procedure.

During the procedure, patients should not smoke, as this can slow the healing process and increase the possibility of scarring. Patients are usually given general or local anesthesia, and a saline solution is injected into the area of the body that needs treatment. Patients are generally expected to wear compression garments for four to seven days after the procedure. They are also required to undergo systematic lymphatic drainage massage within the first two weeks of surgery.

Recovery Time

The recovery time after vaser liposuction varies, depending on the type of anesthesia used. Generally, it takes at least two weeks to recover from the procedure. Postoperative care is very important to prevent infection and promote good scar healing. Patients should take a week or so off work.

The first few days after VASER liposuction are spent resting. Patients are advised to wear compression garments. This will reduce swelling and help the skin settle into its new form. Within two to three weeks, most swelling and bruising should subside. Some patients report faster healing and reduced pain. Recovery time after vaser liposuktion depends on a number of factors, including the number of body areas treated and the patient’s overall health. Patients are often given oral medications to relieve pain and reduce swelling. During the recovery period, they may also be given massages to reduce swelling and soften tissues.