Why You Should Choose Peak Manor In Derbyshire For Your Next Wedding Or Corporate Event

Posted on March 3, 2020Comments Off on Why You Should Choose Peak Manor In Derbyshire For Your Next Wedding Or Corporate Event

If you are looking for something different for your next  corporate event in Derbyshire, keep reading as we introduce you to Peak Manor. Located between Matlock, Ashbourne and Derby, you will find one of the UK’s most beautiful manor houses. Peak Manor is a beautifully restored Victorian house which offers elegantly luxurious and private accommodations for up to 34 guests. Designed to provide the ultimate setting for your wedding, party, corporate event or couples luxury weekend break, Peak Manor offers everything you need to make your upcoming event even more memorable and exciting.

Why should you choose Peak Manor in Derbyshire for your next family holiday? There is a wide range of reasons businesses, organisations and couples from all over the world choose Peak Manor when they want something different and unique and we are going to take a look at some of them:

Reasons To Choose Peak Manor

Peak Manor Sleeps Up To 34 Guests- you can bring the entire family and your private staff along to make your wedding, holiday party or special event even more memorable.

Peak Manor Is Dog Friendly- what wedding would be complete without the family pet? At Peak Manor, you can bring your dog along on holiday.

Peak Manor Offers A Spacious Formal Reception- with beautiful views into the private estate, the formal reception area is the perfect place to greet your guests.

Peak Manor Has A Fully Equipped Cinema Room- whether watching your favourite team play football, or for a team-building movie night, Peak Manor’s cinema room is ready when you are.

Peak Manor Has A Games Room- with a pool table, multi casino and more, Peak Manor’s games room is well-equipped for a pre-wedding game night.

Peak Manor

Peak Manor’s Personalised Rooms

In hotels, all rooms are usually identical, but in Peak Manor, the room designs are more unique. Peak Manor has thirteen individually designed elegant bedrooms. Each is individually decorated and the differences in look and feel can improve your experience. Peak Manor prides itself for having unique themes and rooms that look different.

Contact Peak Manor

To learn more about staying at Peak Manor in Derbyshire, contact Peak Manor today and speak to a representative who can answer your questions and help you plan your next holiday.

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