What Kind of Underwear to Wear on a Date?

Posted on January 27, 2021Comments Off on What Kind of Underwear to Wear on a Date?

So, you’ve got a big date coming and you want to ensure that if the two of you end up having some adult fun you’ll still be able to wow them with your fashion choices. As we all know, the kind of clothes you wear on the outside may not be the only clothing your date will see. The right underwear can really bring home your whole look and accent the positive aspects of your body. But how do you know what kind of underwear to wear for your date?

Figuring out What Kind of Underwear to Wear

This isn’t quite as easy as a question of preference, although you should still ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible during your date. What it really comes down to is your body type. Different types of underwear will frame your body differently and accentuate different features. There is no one size fits all approach for picking out date night underwear. As we progress through this article we’re going to give general guidelines for different body types, but keep in mind that comfort should be above all else. If you prefer wearing a different type of underwear than we recommend for your body type go for it. These are not at all set in stone laws, just ways to best accentuate your features.

The Best Choice for Men of Smaller Stature

There are plenty of men that are short, it’s only genetic. Fortunately, no matter your body type or the genes you were handed at birth there are still ways to make sure that all the right parts of your body are accentuated for your date. It’s typically recommended for shorter men to wear briefs for dates. Because briefs don’t have any thigh coverage they can help make your legs look longer, which can also make you appear a little taller. Just because you choose to go with briefs doesn’t mean you have to go with tighty whiteys. You can and should go with a pair that has a fun color or design. The combination of using briefs to accentuate your legs as well as a fashionable design is very likely to leave your date impressed by your sense of fashion.

The Best Choice for Taller Men

Most people think that tall men have an innate advantage, but that’s not necessarily true. Even a man with what is considered to be the ideal height has to think about how to properly accentuate his body. For taller men, and especially men with larger thighs, it’s recommended to wear boxers or boxer briefs. These accentuate your legs in a different way, and if you have a leg to spare you can afford to sacrifice some leg for that. Boxers are especially good for men with thick thighs. They can either accentuate your thighs or slim them down depending on the look you’re going for, and what you think your date might prefer.

Staying Fashionable from Your Hair to your Socks

Of course, if your date likes you your clothing choices might not make that big of a difference. If you’re really looking to wow your date it’s good to keep in mind how certain articles of clothing, including your underwear, might accentuate your body in a complementary or non-complementary way. Many people find it attractive for a man to be fashion-forward and have an understanding of how different articles of clothing might change the way that their bodies look. Good fashion choices can leave a good impression on your date, and a good impression can last a very long time.