Top Swimsuit Vendors Around The World

Posted on December 16, 2021Comments Off on Top Swimsuit Vendors Around The World


The swimwear market is increasing day by day. if you want to start a swimwear business then now is the time to start. Is the swimwear industry profitable? Yes without any doubt swimwear is nowadays one of the most growing businesses. If you want to start a swimwear business, now is the best time to do so. in this article, we’ve shown you the best swimsuit vendors all around the world. Every year in the summers, the swimsuit market is one of the most selling products. The swimsuit market will always exist according to the latest global “swimwear market” research reports.

The swimwear market growth is expected to register a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period. If you are looking out for a Sunday beach day with your family and want to purchase swimwear from wholesale businesses, then we have got you covered. We have brought a list of the best wholesale vendors just for you so that when you make bulk purchases, you can enjoy huge discounts. Following is the list of vendors to choose from.

Shewin Wholesale

SHEWIN Wholesale is one of the top wholesale vendors of swimwear from which you can buy the desired swimwear of your choice at a cheap price. They have a wide range of swimwear designs and patterns which can solve your problem of what to wear at a beach or pool party and without spending too much they have every design snd pattern considering the modern market requirement. If you’re low on budget and in need of quality swimwear, you must visit the SHEWIN Wholesale swimwear website. they also give discounts on massive bulk purchases. They have all sizes available on their website. Their swimwear cost around 8$ to 12$ mostly which is quite budget-friendly. You should choose SHEWIN Wholesale for your next swimwear, bikinis, and lingerie purchases. You’ll like the quality of showing wholesale and their prices are quite reasonable too.

Nihao Styles


Nihao Styles from China is one of the biggest wholesale dealers and swimwear suppliers around the world. It has 8 years of experience in designing, making, and selling women’s swimsuits and delivering them to various areas and countries all over the world. they are famous for their unique prints at cheap prices which makes their firm top around the world. This firm has one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and size bathing suits. They have almost over 1500 designs to choose from. All of their swimwear products are available at a wholesale cost which is nearly 15$ but if you’re their VIP customer then you may be able to get some discount from them.

If you need wholesale swimwear, nihao styles are a better option. Although this website has no minimum order requirement, if you spend over 99$ at nihao style, the supplier will ship free of cost. Nihaojewelry is one of the most reputable Chinese swimwear wholesalers. The company specializes in trendy jewelry, but it also offers over 1000 swimwear styles. You will receive a response to any of your queries from their customer care team, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nihao Styles not only sells swimwear and bikinis for women, but they also provide swimwear for children and men.

3- Ali Express:

Aliexpress is one the most growing and popular online retail services owned by Ali baba group which is located in china. They have every kind of slim wear available on their website. They offer consumers a wide range of swimwear, bikinis, cover-ups, and swimsuits in different designs. It is the most trustworthy website around the world nowadays. They not only offer a wide range of variety but also give at the lowest a budget-friendly platform with high-quality products. Their prices are extremely reasonable and they give discount coupons to their VIP customers which makes it better from other sides. if you’re looking for cheap wholesale swimwear of high quality for pool or beach then from them you can buy it.

Their advantage is that they have no minimum order requirement. You can also buy for your personal use or buy in bulk too. Sellers on Ali express are from all across the world. They deliver all over the world. Times vary according to your area or country. They take 20 to 30 days to deliver the product. he is very supportive of his customers. They have a very good refund policy which makes customers from all around the world interested in them.

4- Swimwearmanufucturer:

Swimwearmanufucturer is a high-quality manufacturer and distributor of swimwear. They use a variety of high-quality sustainable fabric options. they have the most latest and high-quality fashionable swimwear available for you at a cheap price in one place. They are London-based swimwear manufacturers. All their products are manufactured in the UK. If you’re looking for cheap wholesale swimwear of high quality for the pool or beach then from them you can buy it.

They always meet your requirements if you’re looking for wholesale budget swimwear. they make swimwear through natural products. They use recycled plastic bottles and marine debris in addition to conventional fabrics, unlike other suppliers. The minimum order requirement is 500 units from them. They also provide private label service. They deliver all over the world. Times vary according to your area or country.


Girlmerry is a top wholesale women’s clothing brand in china. They have been selling women’s swimwear for the last 13 years. They have almost 4000 styles of women’s swimsuits with the latest fashionable designs of swimwear, dresses, and yoga wear available in sizes from S to XL. They also have other accessories suitable for vacations on the seaside like beach slippers and beach towels on their website. It delivers all over the world and they have everything like swimsuits and all swimwear accessories at a budget-friendly price. if you’re looking for cheap wholesale swimwear of high quality for pool or beach then from them you can buy it.

6- Doll:

The doll is a wholesaler and retailer which offers a wide range of fashionable and latest swimsuits, bikinis, and swimwear for swimming and vacations style designs for vacations and beach parties with your family, friends, or cousins gathering together. if you want wholesale high-quality swimwear from dolls then you need to open their wholesale account. They offer their products only to retailers with a valid business license. They ship their products all over the world, mainly in the US. Shipping outside the US generally takes 7 to 21 business days. These times vary depending on your country and are not guaranteed too.