How No Crease Hair Ties Work

Posted on February 25, 2021Comments Off on How No Crease Hair Ties Work

What goes through your mind when you take your hair tie out and find your hair with a lovely crease?

It’s frustrating, right? You can’t go from a ponytail to wearing your hair down without the telltale sign that your hair was up. It’s not pretty, so you’re either stuck with a ponytail all day or not putting your hair up for fear of creating a crease.

But, no there are no crease hair ties. They are the answer to all your ponytail and hair woes. Whether you wear ponytails to work out, messy buns to get through your busy days, or you sleep with your hair up, the hair coils are the best gift you can give your hair.

Here’s how they work.

Coil Hair Ties Don’t Snag

Yes, they look like the old-school telephone cord, but they don’t tangle like those darn cords did when we were trying to find a private place to talk.

Coil hair ties don’t snag or tangle. They glide onto your hair like a smooth ribbon, yet they hold your hair like a regular hair tie.

Here’s the best part. When you slide it out (they literally slide), they don’t pull your hair. You won’t scream because it hurts or end up with a wad of hair in your hand. They’re that gentle.

Coil Hair Ties Don’t Stretch

How often have you tied a rubber band so tight in your hair that it grew ten sizes larger when you took it out? At that point, it’s pretty much useless, right?

Coil hair ties don’t do this. Yes, they stretch – almost everything does, but they shrink back down to size. If they don’t do it themselves, hold a blow dryer over it for a few minutes and it will shrink back to size before your eyes.

Coil Hair Ties Hold your Hair Tight

It might not feel like the ponytail your mom put in your hair as a kid, you know the one – it pulled your eyes so tight you couldn’t see straight. But, it will be just as tight and hold just as well.

No crease hair ties are magical. They don’t hurt, yet they provide you with a secure ponytail that will last through your aerobics class, 5K run, or a long workday.

Coil Hair Ties Don’t Leave a Crease

This is probably the most important factor. No one wants to make a final decision on their hairstyle early in the morning. You want the freedom to throw your hair up and take it back down as often as you want.

It’s Your Hair and it’s Your Right.

Before coil hair ties, though, this really wasn’t an option unless you wanted telltale creases in your hair. No crease hair ties changed this for us. You can throw your hair up and down as often as you want and no one will know the difference.

Coil Hair Ties are Cute

Let’s not overlook the fact that they are the cutest accessory for your hair. They aren’t your ordinary (and boring) hair ties. They can add a pop of color or blend in with your outfit if you choose neutral colors. Either way, they are a great statement piece that adds that little ‘extra’ to your outfit.

Should you use Coil Hair Ties?

Coil hair ties are great for any type of hair. Long or short, straight or curly – they all benefit from the snag-free, yet secure ponytails and messy buns they create.

If you like putting your hair up you need coil hair ties in your life. They are great for any occasion and look great on your wrist for those times when you aren’t sure if you’ll put your hair up or not. Add them to your arm party and you have a fashionable piece that doubles as a hair tie when you need it most.