Elegant, Simple Save the Dates you’ll Love

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The Biggest Wedding Trend

One of the major wedding trends is now the trend for couples to mail save the day cards to their guests at their wedding. They are informal wedding invitations that are sent out early. There are numerous benefits for sending out these cards but they’re certainly not required and may even cause stress to the couple who are engaged. If you’re considering giving the cards to your guests, take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages associated with this trend in weddings. Think for a moment and you’ll realize that you’ve completed all the work planning your wedding. You’re anxious and happy all at once. You find out that only 5 percent of the guests will attend. Five guests had other activities scheduled There was no prior notice to save the date just for your special occasion. For all brides and grooms who want to keep it simple and elegant, Basic Invite offers wonderful choices of elegant and simple save the dates cards.

A Modern Wedding Idea


Save the dates cards have become a popular wedding concept, they haven’t been incorporated into wedding ceremony etiquette to date. It is, however, an excellent idea for a bride to include the cards on her wedding stationery and wedding planning outline. Save the date cards can be very effective to assist those who wish to invite to your wedding reception, and to ensure that the date of your wedding free of any other plans. With many alternatives, Basic Invite can help you locate the perfect sunflower save the date invites in no time. It’s possible that the finest sunflower save the date invitation is one you make yourself. Look through the Create Your Own invitation options to create your own Sunflower save the date invitations from scratch in the manner you want.

After you have your wedding date and the location determined, you can prepare saved the dates designed. However there are many save-a-date items like save a date magnets, Save a day announcement cards, as well as scratch off cards. Save a date-related reminders are available in a variety of designs, shapes and colors. They can be matched to the other wedding stationary you have, or choose something totally different in designs, colors and shapes.


Charming Editions To Your Wedding Announcements

All kinds of save-a-date items are beautiful additions to wedding announcements, and they also serve as reminders as well as calendars for the guests you are planning to invite. Save-a-date cards are typically sent out between four months and one year prior to the wedding day. The cards give your guests an opportunity to save the date for your wedding day, so they can have time to dress and make any dress or arrangements for travel. This is particularly important in the event that you’re planning your wedding for the holiday season or vacation periods.

Save-a-date cards can be printed or made when you’re on a budget or if your wedding theme involves the usage of other DIY wedding-related items. Thus, if you would like to emboss them or write them in script, or perhaps you’d like to use the wedding computer software to create your own save-a-date announcement, all are acceptable options for announcements while fulfilling their function. Although the wording can be personal, it’s appropriate to be brief.

Ideas for Save a Date Wording

  1. A small photo with the names of the couple along with the wedding date can be used to save-a-date card or a magnet
  2. A photograph of the month you chose for your wedding with the date circled , as an e-mail save-a-date magnet
  3. A couple of photos, along with an announcement that asks you to guess who’s getting married. A Save a Date memo is with the wedding date.
  4. A favorite quote or short poetry, with name and dates included

Keep in mind that the save a date cards magnet scratch off card, or other product should be in place at a time that is early enough to inform potential guests of the wedding date. A save-a-date reminder is meant to be enjoyable and helpful. Make sure to include the word Invitation to Follow on this save date card and make sure anyone who receives the reminder card will also receive an invitation to a wedding.

There are a variety of wonderful ways to accomplish when you send save the date cards to your wedding. In the first place, sending out save the date cards allows your guests ample time prepare the wedding. A lot of couples discover that a higher proportion of their guests can attend the wedding if they receive a wedding card. Make sure your cards include details about the wedding date and the location. This will allow your guests to organize their travel and request for leave from work when needed.

Couple Hidden Benefits


Save the date cards come with a few hidden advantages. They allow you to show off your individuality and creativity as a couple, much more than wedding invitations can. Because save the date cards are generally informal, they can be adorned with cute photos of yourself or make up your own words. Save date cards are an excellent way to let the guests of your wedding about your wedding’s website. Typically, you shouldn’t include a web address on your invitations this card lets you communicate this information to sophistication. If your guests are aware of the address of your wedding’s website it is possible for them to access it to learn more about the details of your event as well as your personal preferences as well as information regarding the registry you have created.

Save the Date Magnets Are a Great Way to Show Your Enthusiasm

If you’re looking for an original and elegant method to inform people to book a date of your wedding Save the date magnets are the ideal item. They’re an elegant and unique method of letting everyone in your party of the wedding date you are planning to announce. They can be found in a wide variety of designs, or you can make your own to make them more personalized if you’d like to. Finding the ideal wedding save-the-date magnets is not difficult particularly with the internet easily accessible. You can look through the various online stores and have a impression of the different designs offered. If nothing draws your attention there are numerous websites that can make your wedding save the dates magnets.

Make sure you’re purchasing magnets from a dependable firm that is reputable, reliable and has a long-standing track record. To determine whether the company you’re considering conducting business with is trustworthy and reliable, you can examine complaints of customers to the Better Business Bureau. On the website of Basic Invite, you can find out the number of complaints filed against the business, and if they were complaints, how the company responded to the complaints.