Recent years have witnessed several new hair trends, most of which have been inspired by looks flaunted by our favorite celebrities on the red carpet. One hairstyle that has survived through the years is ‘natural- my hair but better.’ Hair stylists keep coming up with different ways to heat style […]

Funky shirts for men are quite a candidate to be the favorite product of the coming seasons. Bringing a new dimension to shirt models that have become an indispensable element of looks for men, Makrom has already started to take its place in wardrobes with designer shirts that can be […]

I have the following table describing patients visits: Each patient has a visit_id for which he sees a given physician. I am trying to extract the value of the visit_id for which saw his 3rd physician. (3rd physician and not 3rd visit) patient visit_id physician a 1 id_1 a 2 […]