4 Reasons Why the 4 Cs Chart Is Still Relevant For Choosing A Diamond

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Consumers are always trying to find their best deal. Look out for the 4 Cs when shopping for your diamond!

What is a Diamond?

Diamonds are a gemstone that has been around for a very long time. They are one of the most prized and admired gems on the market because of their high quality and durability. Diamonds are measured in carats (CT) and can range in colour from D to Z, with GG being the rarest. Diamond grades reflect their purity and overall quality. The 4 basic diamond grading systems are GIA, AGS, J certification, and HRD.

Diamonds are relatively easy to care for and most will not require special treatment. When stored in a cool, dry place, diamonds will last indefinitely. Some people choose to have their diamonds insured or locked up in a safety deposit box in case of theft or loss.

4 Reasons Why The Diamond 4 C Chart Still Matters Today In The Jewelry Industry

There are many reasons why the 4S diamond grading scale is still relevant today in the jewelry industry.

The first reason is that it is a well-defined, standardized system. That makes it easy for consumers to understand and compare diamonds.

The second reason is that it provides a framework for diamond buyers to understand the quality of diamonds. That helps them make informed decisions about their purchase.

The third reason is that it includes four different factors – Sirius (hardness), Scuttle (reliability), Spinel (temper) and Shadow (depth). These factors provide a comprehensive view of a diamond’s quality.

Lastly, the 4S grading scale is constantly updated to reflect new technological advancements and changes in the jewelry industry. That means buyers can always be sure of getting the best possible value for their money when purchasing diamonds through this system.

Other Diamond Wording

Diamond wording is used to identify a diamond’s quality, carat weight and cut. Part of the diamond grading system, the Cs scale ranks a diamond from 1 to 10. The higher the number, the more expensive the diamond will be.

When shopping for diamonds, it’s essential to know what grading system is used and compare results accordingly. For example, a GIA Diamond would be graded on an established scale with a lower number indicating relative affordability. In contrast, an EGL Diamond would be graded using an undetermined method and have a higher value. Additionally, each diamond cutter works within specific guidelines set by diamond manufacturers, so make sure you compare apples-to-apples when comparing prices and grades between different jewellers.

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There Are Many Reasons Why The Cs Chart Is Still Relevant For Choosing A Diamond

1) It Shows How Much Value a Diamond Owes to Its Cut and Carat Weight – The higher numbers on the Cs chart represent pricier diamonds with greater detail regarding their cuts and weights. When comparing prices between different jewellers, it’s important to remember that not all diamonds will be marked with the same number on the Cs scale because every jeweller applies their specific grading standards.

2) It Can Assist in Determining If a Diamond Is a Good Match for a Specific Purpose – Some diamonds are better suited for particular purposes, such as wedding rings and ornaments. In contrast, others are more valuable as ornamental pieces.


Nothing beats the power of a good understanding of the four Cs in diamond buying. Whether you’re looking to buy your first diamond or upgrade an existing ring, knowing the meaning behind each letter can help you make a more informed decision. In this article, I’ve outlined the Diamond 4 C charts and provided examples of diamonds that embody each characteristic. So whether you’re planning your next birthday present or want to be a little brighter about diamonds, keep this Four Cs in mind!